The Bridgeton Area Rocket Club (BARC), located in Southern New Jersey, is a chartered section (#775) of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR).

BARC was established November 8, 2014 by Mike Zapolski, Sr. to promote and develop sport and competition model rocketry, and to further the aims and policies of the NAR. As as a chartered section of the NAR, BARC adheres to NAR Rocket Safety Codes.

On  June 2, 2016 BARC’s FAA authorization at our Rabbit Hill Farm launch site (120 ft MSL) was revised as follows: Routine flights to 5,500 ft. (MSL);  Extended flights to 8,000 ft. (MSL) coordinated in real-time with Philadelphia Radar Approach Control.

Our launch control equipment provides low-high power launch capability from 3 cells.  For rockets with AG motors, BARC has an “Acell (8 pad positions), for H-J motors a “Bcell (4 pad positions), and for K motors a “Ccell (4 pad positions) that is setup on an as-needed basis.  We also have a 1500mm long, 10mm, rail for rockets with micro rail buttons, a rail side arm for a 6 ft. 1/4″ launch rod, and a 6ft., 20mm, rail for rockets having mini rail buttons. These smaller rails are setup on an as-needed basis.

While we have an exceptional HPR launch site (open, flat, no trees), our club has limited rail resources – three 1010 & one 1515 rail to fill the 8 possible pad positions.  We invite launch day attendees who may have a personal launch rail to bring it.  Otherwise, there may be a waiting line.

In addition to this website BARC also maintains a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.


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