Launch Day

It is highly recommended that everyone review this page for important notes and last minute changes BEFORE traveling to the launch.  Updates are posted every other day beginning 7 -10 days before the launch with the final update by 0730 on launch day.

Rescheduled Launch Date: 11/25/17; (Rain Date: None)
Location:  Rabbit Hill Farm
; Specific Launch Site:  TBD

  • Launch Condition:grlight (GO)
  • Launch Number: BSL-035 [** SPARKY motors may be permitted **]
  • Special Launches: Level 1 & 2 Certification(s)
  • Forecast (as of 11/20/17): P. Cloudy; 47-53°F, Wind 11-10 MPH (W-WSW)

  • Site Setup: Begins @ 0900; Pads Open ~ 0930 (ish); Pads Close @ 1500 – Anyone with a large, high altitude, or complex rocket must notify the RSO by 1330
  • We are guests on private property, please respect the farm rules, and the neighboring, properties
    • Do NOT drive, or park, on any grassy (or crop) area.
    • No Entry into any planted crop field without permission from the BARC President
  • Access Road Speed Limit: 5 MPH
  • Launch Operations per established BARC policies
  • Fees & Flight Limits: BARC Launch Fees , BARC Flight Limits, Extended Altitude Flight Protocol, CTI VMAX Flight Restriction
  • Motor Impulse Limit:  K [Please read Notification Policy]
  • If you have a 1010 rail please bring it; 1515 Rail Use Policy
  • The launch site has no bathroom facilities, but they are available at the Greater Bridgeton Amish Market on Rte 49 (1.6 Mi from the site – towards Bridgeton).

NOTE: High power rocket & motor users must be HPR certified and BARC members.  New fliers may join at the launch, AND they must show a valid NAR / TRA membership card for verification.  All rockets deemed High Power MUST use rail buttons – not launch lugs.


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