Launch Day

Please review this page BEFORE traveling.  Updates begin the week before, and up to, the launch day. Everyone must follow the launch area access pathway shown in the Specific Launch Site graphic link below.

Launch Date: 12/15/18; (Rain Date: None)
Location:  Rabbit Hill Farm
; Specific Launch Site: TBD

  • Launch Status:redlight(CANCELED)
  • Launch Number: BSL-049 [** SPARKY motors may be permitted **]
  • Special Launches: None Known
  • Forecast (as of 12/12/18 ): Rain (99%); 50-53°F; Wind 9-10 MPH (N)


  • Site Setup: Begins @ 0900; Pads Open ~ 0930 (ish); Pads Close @ 1530 (typical)
  • Launch Operations: Will comply with Ballistic Impact Corrective ActionsNew_red
  • We are guests on private property, please respect the rules below, and the neighboring, properties
    • Do Not drive, or park, on any grassy (or crop) area.
    • Do Not Enter crop fields without explicit permission from the BARC President.
    • All Soy bean fields are  NO ENTRY areas!
    • Property Speed Limit: 5 MPH
    • Leave no trash (spent igniters or other materials) – Take it with you…
  • Fees & Flight Limits: BARC Launch Fees , BARC Flight Limits, Extended Altitude Flight Protocol, CTI VMAX Flight Restriction
  • Rockets deemed high power MUST use rail buttons. (1515 Rail Use Policy)
  • Motor Impulse Limit:  K [Please read the Notification Policy]
  • The launch site has no bathroom facilities, but they are available at the Greater Bridgeton Amish Market on Rte 49 (1.6 Mi from the site – towards Bridgeton)

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