Monthly launches are scheduled from March through December, to which the public is welcome to attend.  Please check the Launch Day page for updates prior to traveling to a launch as they may be rescheduled or cancelled on short notice.

BARC does not promote (or authorize) the use of our launch locations for activities other than during official BARC events as our FAA authorization, land use permission, and section insurance are only in effect during official club events. 

BARC launches are conducted according to established BARC policies that adhere to NAR safety codes. 

2020 BARC Meetings & Launch Schedule
Meetings (1) Launches (4)
01/15/20 Winter Shutdown
None Winter Shutdown —-
03/18/20 (3*)
03/21/20 (3*)
None 04/18/20 (3*)
 05/13/20 (Zoom)
05/30/20 065
07/15/20 (Zoom)
09/16/20 (Zoom)
11/18/20 (Zoom)

(1)  Video meetings using the Zoom Application (a Meeting ID and PW will be provided via email)
(2) Bonus / Rescheduled Launch
(3) Cancelled, (3*) Cancelled COVID-19
(4) Rain dates will be listed on the Launch Day page

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