09/12/18  BARC President gives 2 year advance notice of position resignation – 2020 will be the last year for the current president.

07/19/18  BARC will implement the following 1/4″ Launch lug use policy with the first 2019 launch.

07/18/18 Blue Origin’s Mission 9 launch (~55 min. long) covers the live launch (into space) and upright recovery test of the rocket booster & capsule – live video with altitude & speed displays!

07/18/18  The BARC club meeting start time has been changed to 6:30PM.

05/12/18 As a result of a ballistic rocket impact near the property owner’s residence, BARC implemented these corrective actions in order to preserve our launch privileges.

05/02/18 Please report any rocket motor failure using the MESS form  linked on the Tech page, or at

04/10/18 BARC membership categories revised to offer more flexibility and an under 14 “fly for free” provision.

01/01/18 BARC adds 4 bonus launches to its annual launch schedule.

09/23/17  BARC adds a 1515 rail to its launch equipment inventory to be used IAW this policy.

08/26/17  BARC launches its first Level 3 HPR (Al Kozin’s Formula 150) using an AT M1500 motor to record setting altitude (6,896 ft.).

04/14/17  BARC has a 4″ club logo vinyl sticker – $5 each, or 5 stickers for $20.

02/22/17  BARC members will be supporting the April 29, 2017 Rowan University Blast-Off Event

02/10/17  BARC now has an information flyer that can distributed at gatherings and events.

01/18/17  BARC implemented a Winter Launch Shutdown period, and lowered the  MDRM Challenge #2 contest altitude to 5,000 ft.

11/19/16  The student AIAA chapter team from Northeastern University traveled 6 hours from the Boston, MA area to launch their 94″, 20.8 lb. rocket at BARC‘s launch site.

10/28/16 BARC announces its next rocket competition for May 2017 – based on the Estes Mega Der Red Max (MDRM) – Pro Series II. Contest rules and requirements are listed in this document.

10/15/16 BARC’s Big Daddy contest was held on a great launch day.  Noah S. won the Stock contest and Mike Z. won the Unlimited contest.

10/11/16 BARC now has the capability to accept membership fees via PayPal.  Please refer to the new Membership page for details.

08/20/16 BARC now has a 1/4″ launch rod 1010 rail side arm rail adapter, and a 10mm launch rail for rockets with micro rail buttons built by Brian Schenkenberger.

08/11/16 BARC will hold its first theme launch October 15th based on the Estes Big Daddy rocket.  The contest for BARC members will have two categories – Stock & Unlimited.

07/15/16 Congratulations to the Odle Middle School (Bellevue, WA) TARC team of 8th graders, who won the 2016 International Youth Rocketry Challenge.

06/05/16 Due to a NAR/TRA safety concern, effective immediately, electronic deployment is required for all flights using CTI Vmax motors.

06/02/16 BARC‘s waiver revised: Base flights  to 5,500 ft. & extended flights to 8,000 ft. when coordinated in real-time with Philadelphia Radar Approach Control (Re: BARC Extended Altitude Flight Protocol).

05/26/16 CTI statement related to their March 2016 production facility accident.

04/30/16  BARC and SoJARs supported Rowan University’s April 30th Blast Off event

04/17/16 Two new 8′ 1010 rails added to our equipment inventory.

04/02/16 Thanks to members Blair Monagle & Gary Hewitt, BARC now has 4 more “A” rack launch pads, with adjustable rod mounts.

02/16/16 Teams from both Rowan University and Edgarton Christian Academy are planning to conduct test flights at the BARC February 20th launch.

01/29/16 Beginning with the Feb. 20th launch, BARC will be implementing a “Rain Date” policy – a backup launch date 1 week following a normally scheduled launch date.  Actual dates will be listed on the Launch Day website page.

12/30/15 2015 BARC website stats now available; a 3rd Pad Cell controller and cables now allow “K” motor rocket launches.

12/17/15 BARC now has a Twitter account for our followers: @BARC775.

12/14/15 2015 Year-end Launch Stats – HPR flights started October.

11/10/15 Beginning 12/16/15 BARC‘s meeting location changes to the West Park Methodist Church.


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