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BARC Officers – 2022

  • President & Senior Adviser:  Jeremy Wong 
  • Vice-President:  Andrew Steele 
  • Treasurer: Jeff Miller
  • Secretary:
  • Webmaster:

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2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello
    My name is Mike Selby as a child I rember shooting rockets and I am thinking about getting my Grandson into it as a project for him and I he is 9. but there are no stores that I can look at rockets sets for him and I can you offer some recommendations/

    My email is


    • Hi Mike, sorry for the delayed response. Our club is going through some transitions and we are just starting to get the website back up to date. You can usually find a selection of Estes rockets at craft stores like Michaels, AC Moore, or Hobby Lobby. Target also sometimes sells a few Estes rocket kits, but I’m not sure about motors. If all else fails, Apogee Components is a fantastic resource for everything rocketry related. Here is the link to their website Not only do they sell almost anything you could need for any rocket project small and large, they also have a plethora of information about the hobby and tons of videos on Youtube that can help build your skills. For a beginner rocketry project, I would personally recommend either their Avion or Apprentice kit.


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