BARC began with a November 8, 2014 demonstration launch:  The Crowd; An Interview; The Arachnid; A ‘Lawn Dart’; Snarky; Snarky Away; Lil’ Giant; and more..

Photo & video provider names will be listed here with a matching reference # shown after the launch date: (1) Dr. S.W. Feinstein; (2) Srinath Ravichandran; (3) Brian Schenkenberger; (4) Adam Monacelli; (5) Patricia Gardella; (6) Steve Sheldon (7) Keith Metzger; (8) Jerry Haught; (9) Paul Sandyck; (10) Jessica Synder; (11) Greg Gardenr; (12) Jeremy Wong; (13) Neil Weinstock; (14) John Schilling; (15) Nick Gentile; (16) Jeff Miller; (17) Joe Zielinski

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